For sale!!! Nimrodel dufur t7

22 04 2012

It’s with regret I have to sell my lovely dufor t7 due to change of circumstance.

This is just a short posting to see if anyone is interested in making me an offer.

I will shortly be posting a full inventory but for now you can see from the posting how great she is!

Currently situated in north Wales and out of the water, I will be giving her a fresh coat of Anti foul in the next two weeks so she will be looking great.

Completely dry and ship shape probable one of the best examples of her kind.

Please contact me at if you are willing to discuss a price.


New Mooring

5 06 2011

After last year on the mooring off the main beach I decided to move the sheltered mooring at Hafan marina.

The Harbour master there was very helpful in advising the most fitting and cost effective mooring.

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In the water!!!

5 06 2011

Yes we finally got her back in the water. After an unsettled start to the day we decided to go for it and get her in.

So the guys at Abersoch boat yard gently put her in at high tide and we headed out to her new mooring.

Good to be back on the water and heading over to Hafan

Engine well gasket

4 06 2011

Some time ago I saw an article on putting a rubber gasket to stop engine fumes coming back up the well so as not to choke the engine on its own fumes.

Whist I don’t think I have had any issues with fumes I did notice that the open well was acting as a sea anchor, catching a lot of water as we made headway. So it seam reasonable that the fix for one problem would do well for the other.

Before we head back to the coast to launch I pre build the gasket to the well using 6mm nylon sheet and 6mm rubber sheeting both from eBay, oh and also the measurement you guy all supplied from the blog posting!

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Did it work? Well once we launched we motored into a strong headwind, setting the revs just above half on engine would normally give me 4-5 knots with the gastket in place we were getting 6-7 knots!!!

New centreboard lifting system

30 05 2011

InĀ an attempt to improve the cockpit floor and how the board lifts and locks I have reworked the pull ropes.

The rope’s now pass through the extra pulleys and up to the cleats, so I can pull vertically on the rope for better purchase.

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Can anyone help

29 05 2011

Hi All

I’ve just spent the day working on Nim and come home (180 miles) only to realise I forgot to measure the opening of the engine well. I need the max dimensions of the hole at the bottom. If anyone’s got their T7 off the water could you let me know?

Thanks in advance


2nd Jib Sail fitting

28 05 2011

When I bought Nimrodel she came with a head sail (furling genoa) and a main.

Under heavy winds we had real problems sailing with the genoa semi furled to balance the reefed main and in the end sailed on main only.

So this year I wanted the option of a second hanked on jib without having to drop the genoa (never a good idea in high winds!), which we could control through the self tacker.

To this end I have been designing a deck fitting to attach a wired jib or second stay to, that I can then swing back to the mast when not in use.

A few things to bear in mind:

  1. The deck is not strong enough to take the pull of a stay so I will need to copy in some way the existing system
  2. It needs to be far enough back to give room for the furler
  3. but far enough forward to not foul the anchor well.
So with the above in mind I devised a plan.

The plan to use the same system as the current forestay.

By using a wire strop shackled onto the existing hoop in the bow then onto a bottle-screw, the end of which I will convert into a deck fitting, should give me what I am looking for.

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Heading over the Abersoch in the morning to get it welded then fit it to the deck, along with improving the centreboard pulls, more on that later!